Our herd

We’d like to introduce you to our beautiful herd of Ayrshires who live just down the road from our dairy at Gadles Farm. Owning our own cows is an exciting new venture for us – we’re in love with them already.

When it comes to superb milk, the attention to detail in animal husbandry is absolutely critical so when we started looking to buy our own cows, any chosen herd had to come with excellent credentials.

Trevor and Julie Howe lovingly built up this handsome herd of Ayrshires over decades, themselves making award-winning cheese with the outstanding milk their cows produced.

When Cornish Kern won Supreme Champion at the World Cheese awards in 2017, we knew we had to secure a consistent supply of superb milk. Kern is a blend of Alpine and Gouda recipes making it susceptible to inconsistencies if the milk quality is not exact. Committed to maintaining Kern’s excellence, we began our hunt for the perfect milk.

When retirement for the Howes beckoned, experienced farmers Jonathan and Eleanor Hosken took up the new Cornwall Council farm tenancy. Owning our own Ayrshires seemed an obvious answer so talks between us all began.

And that’s how the Lynher Dairies/Gadles Farm arrangement came about. It’s an ideal solution for all parties, not least the Howes who are delighted to know their beloved cows are in such good hands and that their milk continues to make delicious Cornish cheese. Happy retirement, Trevor and Julie!