Yarg owes its name to a moment of sweet inspiration. Bodmin Moor farmer Alan Gray first produced it in the 1980s after finding a 17th century recipe for nettle wrapped cheese in his attic. Spell Gray backwards and you have cracked the code as to how our cheese was named. A simple, original and fun solution as to the naming of a new cheese, not to mention the answer to one of the most popular pub quiz questions of all time. How Yarg got its name was even once mentioned on University Challenge!

Our latest cheese, Kern¬†also has meaning. In Cornish, ‘Kern’ means round, and the full moons of cheese that sit in our maturing rooms for 16 months couldn’t be more circular. It’s also the first four letters of Kernow, the Cornish for Cornwall.

Lynher Dairies, now owned by Catherine Mead, moved in the noughties to a new state-of-the-art dairy near Truro. We created Wild Garlic Yarg and Stithians cheeses, with¬†Kern’s development starting in 2010. A dairy extension to store this long maturing cheese was opened in 2017.

Lynher Dairies is now one of the most successful makers of artisan cheese in Britain. It was elevated to world famous status in 2017 when Kern won Supreme Champion at the World Cheese Awards. Both our Yargs consistently win top awards at international level too.

Black waxed Kern, Lynher Dairies' latest cheese.