Our nettle wrapped Cornish Yarg, made from pasteurised cows’ milk, is a young, fresh lemony cheese, creamy under its natural rind and slightly crumbly in the core.

Our small team of nettle pickers select only the biggest and best



Jenny and Cath, nettling away, usually to the sound of the radio

The leaves, which attract naturally occurring moulds, are brushed onto the cheese in concentric circles. As the cheese matures, the edible nettle rind imparts a delicate, mushroomy taste. By the time it is ready to eat five weeks later, Cornish Yarg has developed a unique lacy appearance, with shades of  blues, greens and a dusting of bloomy white.


Cornish Yarg deserves home made bread!



Wrap in wax,grease proof or cheese paper. Store at 8 degrees or below. Try to remember to take it out of the fridge an hour before you want to eat it. Cornish Yarg stays fresh for up to 10 days from cutting. It is suitable for vegetarians.

Dane Hopkins, dairy director, scrutinises the cheese for quality



Silver at British Cheese Awards 2015

Bronze at Global Cheese Awards 2015

Gold at International Cheese Awards 2014

Best English Cheese 2012 ~ International Cheese Awards
Reserve Champion 2012  ~ Royal Bath and West Show


    Cornish Yarg

    900gm truckle




    Cornish Yarg Heart

    900gm heart shaped truckle - 6 weeks notice required.