Our herd

Meet our beautiful herd of Ayrshires! They live just down the road from our dairy at Gadles Farm and provide us with the rich, creamy milk we need to make our award-winning cheeses. In return, we look after them with exacting care and attention, ensuring their needs are at the top of the list of priorities each and every day.

Trevor and Julie Howe lovingly built up the herd of Ayrshires over decades, handing over the Cornwall Council tenancy to Jonathan and Eleanor Hosken in 2019. Like the Howes, the Hoskens farm by the highest of animal welfare principles.

We use the grass-rich milk in all our  Cornish Kern production and it goes towards making Yarg too. Pleasingly, we won a Gold at the World Cheese Awards 2019 after entering our first batch of Cornish Yarg made entirely from our Ayrshire milk. Top judges clearly agree Рsuperb milk makes superb cheese!

Lynher Dairies cheesemaker making Cornish Kern with rich creamy milk