If Yarg is all about the leaves, then Stithians cheese is all about the lack of them. Named after our local village and affectionately known in the dairy as Naked Yarg, Stithians came about out of sheer curiosity. What would happen if we didn’t wrap this batch in leaves but left it to mature just as it is when it comes out of the brine? ┬áThe answer turned out to be delicious.

It has a rich, creamy rounded flavour with a characteristic clean tang. Showing off an array of wild mould, just as nature intended, it produces a rind which can vary in colour from a creamy yellow when young to a pinkish bloom if the cheese is left for longer.


Wrap in wax paper, store below 8 degrees, serve at room temperature.

(If you are wondering why we don’t list its awards here as we do with our other cheeses, it’s because we don’t enter it into any!)